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Diy- Honey comb Shelves

By aleksandra You can never have enough shelves in your home, because they are so useful and beside that can surely work as a great decorative element and provide your home with cool and bold touch. The honey comb shelves and their cool geometric form can surely work for creating a bold and amazing ambiance [...]




Diy-Paper Lace Doily Lamp

By aleksandra The design and style of the lamp can surely works as an accent in your home and provide the place with super modern and contemporary statement.  Lamps tend to enhance the overall aesthtic appearance of the interior and provide the place with cool and modern touch. However, lamps tend to be expensive and [...]









These Paper Bows are So Cute and Easy

By Fiyaa Image via: the lovely nest Bows look absolutely adorable on gifts. If you have used simple paper bows uptil now on gifts then try this 3d design. Image via: how about orange To make every two bows you have to draw the above templates on colored or printed paper. Image via: how about [...]