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50+ Kids’ Room Organization Tips and Tricks

By Fiyaa Image via: pb teen , diycozyhome Is your kids’ room usually cluttered and needs organization? If yes then you need to see these 50+ ideas collected by ‘Attempting Aloha’ that we have found for you. Out of all the wonderful ideas we absolutely love this lazy susan inspired swiveling storage shelf by pb [...]



DIY- Cute Cotton Swab Lambs

By aleksandra Whenever you are having a party you need bunch of cute and adorable details to make the party rocking and to add a super cool and interesting decorating touch to it. Placing notes and quotes on the table is a great way to add a nice decorative statement to the party and to [...]



DIY Cement Cobblestone Garden Path!

By aleksandra If you are lucky enough to have a spacious and lush garden then you for sure know how important it is to create a well decorated and strong appearance of it, in order to achieve a nice and pleasant ambiance of the place. The walking path in the garden is one of the [...]