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8 Fabulous Stone and Pebble Painting Ideas

By Fiyaa Do you like to paint? If yes then it is the time to wear your creativity cap and paint some pebbles or stones like the ones shown above. These stones are with cool designs and intricate details making them perfect to decorate your home’s indoor or garden area. While painting stones like these [...]



10 Disney Inspired Pumpkins-Perfect for Kids

By aleksandra Halloween is a perfect holiday for the kids, because it includes every element that kids find amusing: candy, spookiness and fun looking pumpkins. However, we thought of a great idea to make this Halloween even better, pumpkin carving with the face of the popular Disney characters. Our old palls as mickey mouse, Tinkerbell, [...]







These Pasta Snowflake Ornaments are Just Magical

By Fiyaa Image via: stranamam , icreativeideas Winter holidays are incomplete without some ornaments. For that what ornaments can be more suitable to make than snowflake ornaments for the chill weather? So here is a smashing idea of turning pasta into some beautiful ornaments. To make these beauties you simply have to collect pasta in [...]