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Creative Door Handles

The current advanced technology across the globe has lead to numerous creative door handles being developed by designers. They include: Brighten door handles The handle indicates red light when a person is in the room. When nobody is in the room, the handle indicates green light. It is suitable for public places and rest rooms. [...]



Creative Chairs

Creative chairs design combines uniqueness and innovative styles that has turns, twists and conceptual ways of making chairs, breaking away from the modern regularity and contemporary conventions. These designs employ new materials and methods in making it. Below is a highlight of creative designs for chairs you can use in your house. a) Democracy rules [...]



Aquarium Designs in Your Bedroom Interior

Aquariums create peaceful environment and play significant role in interior design today. Watching the aquarium in your room can make you relax. The relaxation is much needed before falling asleep. That’s why aquariums become integral part of bedroom interior design today. Some bedrooms are decorated with huge aquariums with lots of fish inside. They also [...]



Creative Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are quite popular as they come in number of shapes. Moreover, they also save a lot of space and are thus ideal for people having kids who share the common bedroom. So far as the shapes of the bunk beds are concerned, there are a number of options to choose from. Starting with [...]



Creative Spiral Staircases

Having original staircases is one way, how you show your value of art in your home. However, sometimes you are hindered by narrowness of the room in your home. Indeed, it is a problem to be a concern if you cannot find out the right original staircases that meet your value of art as well [...]



Popular Colors in Your Bedrooms

The bedroom is the area of your house where you’ll spend the maximum amount of time. At the same time, since the bedroom does not have to entertain any guests, you can be a little more adventurous in your choice of paint color. The off-white and the beige shades are best reserved for somber living [...]



Music Stuff in Your Kitchen

Music and kitchen together. People who are music lovers and can not live without music sounds for a while have a great possibility to have music in their kitchens already. See the photos and enjoy. Designers created stuff for kitchens that have shapes of different musical instruments or symbols associated with music. Now you can [...]



Iconic Letter Furniture

Iconic is a distinguished brand among the other companies that produce furniture. For the Belgium agency Canada Gent the company created very unique series of typographic furniture. Belgium illustrator & digital artist Kevin Devroo who is specialized in typographic works worked much to create this special series. It’s possible to sit comfortable on each letter [...]



Mars Crystal Lego

Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde created crystal installation as a digital campfire where people share with each other their stories of light. LED rock that are comprised from 700 hundred lights light up as soon as people interact with them. Each of the crystal is generated from an unique salt which grows in perfect geometrical shapes [...]



Pieces of Underwater World

Keeping fish as pets is one of the things that people do for recreation purposes. The fish need to be kept in a clean and comfortable environment. The fish are normally housed in an aquarium or fish tank which is a container which is transparent and has water that has to be kept fresh all [...]