Creative Bunk Beds

Filed Under (Design) by nina on 10-01-2013

Bunk beds are quite popular as they come in number of shapes. Moreover, they also save a lot of space and are thus ideal for people having kids who share the common bedroom.
So far as the shapes of the bunk beds are concerned, there are a number of options to choose from. Starting with the standard ones, these beds have two bunks of same size. Then there is twin over full bunk bed with the top bunk being twice the size of lower bunk. Again, there is L-shaped bunk bed that has the shape of L. This means that the bottom bunk is at right angle to that of top. This type of bunk bed has an advantage that it gives some space below the top bunk for storing furniture. Finally, there is loft bed that consists only of top bunk providing free space for other materials. Some of the loft beds also come with additional storage spaces in the form of draws.

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