Freedom and Captivity

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Interesting what would a man prisoned in a cage feel when a lion would visit with his little cubs to see a human being? Or someone too curious would climb up above the cage to see the human being better… what would he think all day long? Perhaps about the far-living family, his favorite business and friends. If he’s little, he will miss mom and tears will fill his eyes at the shouting of a zoo keeper. If he’s already a man, will think about his wife and children, wish to see already grown-up children for a moment… watching lions walking carelessly up and down, he will remember the time when he was walking like them in his country. And these thoughts will last all day long but the lions visiting to see a human being will never understand why the human being has so sad eyes and sight frozen far in the horizon when he is fed with high quality meat and zoo keepers care for him so much.

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Very Nice go through and thrilling… Thanks…Shanker Narayan, Hyd-AP-India

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